It All Began When She Said...

"Mommy, why don't you have time to play with me anymore?"

My 5 year old daughter was growing up so fast and I couldn't keep up with all the things.

3 years ago I was:

• Drained by client work.
• Overwhelmed by booking hundreds of clients each year.
• Struggling to balance work with being a mom.

I knew something had to change.

I needed to:

→ Get my time back.
→ Feel energized by my work again.
→ Learn how to create systems that WORKED.

So I dove into the world of automation and CRM's.

Then I found Honeybook.

the rest is history

It led to:
→ Systems that saved me time.
→ Feeling like someone is working for me 24/7.
→ A shrinking to-do list.
→ More clients booking, faster.

I felt a burden had been lifted.

Months of hard work later...

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I had more time to say yes to things I love the most.

And most importantly...

If there's anything you takeaway from my story it's this:

your time is precious

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